“Here is the Wisdom”

No later than 20 May 2014 the article published by nationalreport.net “Pope Francis Goes Public With Support Of RFID Chip Implantation”, then by tapnewswire.com/2015/09/­pope­-francis­-gives-support-to-rfid-chip-implantation/ (but its reference page was removed); that article, was repeated in Italian and Spanish. After at least two years – as I could catch a 2nd printout of the natio­nal­re­port­.net page in 2016 – this one was removed, same as the Italian clone some time before. The Spanish version still exists; so even one PDF printing of it is safe.

Who and why ordered to suppress these statements, if they were truthful?

But right after the Italian remake by www­.timmyl­ove­.alter­vi­sta­.org/­nom/­papa­-rfid­.html], on May 30, 2014, the time had come to reveal directly to the world - as ap­point­ed by the «Book of Revelation» (The Apocalypse of John) verses 13:18 - the actual, un­equiv­o­cal Name of the Beast 666, sought throughout the centuries although nobody could dis­close it so far.
A first tweet certified the event, synthesizing the mystery and its full solution; in-depth con­nex­ions were unfolded within this domain, beyond many vague although azardous hy­poth­e­ses, or timid non-responsible argumentations going on since ever.
A widespread notification was posted as a comment to the appropriate website article posted on June 2, 2014 by luniversovibra.it; comment which appears at the first place [n°1] in this page with more than 3.7 millions views since then, and that I translate here:
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On Feb 6, 2017 the Twitter account @Astro_Time, given the hundreds of tweets daily overlapping, has endeavored to make it well known and quickly visible, creating a Twitter ‘Moment’ with the title “The Time Line”, where to fix it along with other significant data.
The new tool of Twitter Moment makes a collections of notable Tweet conversations and live commentary, always and easy accessible, directly from a header icon.
The Momenti counter was updated by a first editing, even if not yet made public [see]:

The account had already been suspended on June 8, 2019 thence, for a sort of mistake due to @names overlap (@Astrotime [not mine] / @Astro_Time), resolved in three days.
But it was a signal; despite the many interactions on it - what you can see in this page saved, still printable at that date - only the Moments counter was set to Zero [the other counters regular], ie No Moments look to exist, for any immediate approach.
I noticed this issue, in a thanking email with a clear exposition of my ongoing on the social, but nothing was changed.
On the contrary, after the cover icon of the tweet announcing this Moment [see below], the Reply, Retweets and Likes became hidden; later even the cover image of the Moment itself, being replaced by the blue wing whilst all the account was working normally.
Maybe it was just an error in the code; but all seem to set it out of view. Again I did ask the Twitter Support by direct tweet and messages to fix it, since I tried in vain to reset it many times, but I could never obtain any answer or adjustment. However this Moment continued to be viewed and retwitted, with some tweets added to in the last period, until one day …