The Foreground

It's Time to view how easy 
can be to license the killing 
babies as well as child raping. 
But who could ever suspect 
such things by the Pontiff?
Although the two facts seem apparently separate, it is crucial to realize that the perverse purpose is the same: accumulate vital energy to the occult power.
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The documents from the Vatican Secret Archive, presented in court, clearly indicate that for cen­turies Jesuits have had a premeditated plan to ritually kill abducted babies and then consume their blood,” said the chief prosecutor of the 5 in­ternational judges and 27 members. of the jury. “The project was born from a twisted idea to draw spiritual energy from the lifeblood of the innocent, thus ensuring the political stability of the papacy of Rome. These acts are not only genocidal in nature, but systematic and institutionalized. \2003 \2005 \00000AIt is at least since 1773 that they have been car­ried out by the Roman Catholic Church, that is, by the Jesuits and by every Pope
The article is based on an exclusive interview with Kevin Annett of the ITCCS (International Church and State Crimes Tribunal) about a con­tro­ver­sial debate in Brussels: 5 judges and 27 jury mem­bers, from six countries including the United States, considered the evidence on more than 50,000 missing children, Americans, Argentines, Europeans and Canadians, victims of an inter­na­tio­nal sacrificial cult called the Ninth Circle.

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