Too many people, ‘christians’ or not,
speak about the antichrist,
without truly knowing the Christ Itself.


“And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.” [Revelation 14:11]

With the maturing of events, instead of clarity come through, lots are the most diverse theories and hypotheses: conspiracy, plot are the recurring keywords shot from both sides of a mi­ria­de of contradictory rumours, some focused on the alleged interpretation of the Oba­ma­care law, or on words and a­cronyms games.
Just as actual, I have saved this image from “prep­per­fort­ress­.com/arresting-americans-refusing-microchip/”, but the next day, at prep­per­fort­ress­.com/war­ning­the­-mark­-of­-the­-beast­-will­-be­-man­da­tor­y-by-2017/?unap­pro­ved­=464217&mo­de­ra­tion-hash­=4b302bb366735dc03b5f3eba3e4baa00­#com­ment­-464217 it disappeared my brief confirmation comment to its question:
Is the RFID chip the Mark of the beast? What is the connection to the number 666?”. So what? Is it the compromise the escape solution?

I received two copies of this email on Sept. 2014, four months after my disclosing publicly that true NAME, which almost nobody seems to care still today.

It remains nothing but rebound games, in good or bad faith, which end up giving relief to what has fewer, disguising the directing desk how far it is possible.

Topical declarations of the Pontiff himself about RFID, becoming of com­pro­mising e­vi­den­ce, are given for hoaxes and made to disappear.
But meanwhile they serve to make you addicted to the idea.

The pope's vanity fair?

Not satisfied with having the priests sent Jesus to die on a cross, to save a he­gem­o­ny that lasts for over 2 millennia, now this pope nicknamed Francesco [in recall of Francesco Borgia and Francesco Saverio, founders of the Jesuits with the Jew Ignazio de Loyola] is even going so far as to turn the omelette over – an omelet invented by the Church itself, though, that God the Father would have in­tend­ed to sacrifice his only Son once and for­ev­er, for the redemption ‘from sins’ of a humanity which, thus relieved, would have continued to get busy on earth in the worst ways !! – in honor of a mark­ed­ly per­verse nature of the Beast: …said Francis, “as the memory of the man who made himself sin, who made himself the devil, the serpent, for us; he debased himself up to the point of totally annihilating himself.” [emphasis added]
Not only this: “The serpent,” the Pope continued, “is the symbol of wickedness, is the symbol of the devil: it was the most cunning of the animals in earthly paradise.

This Jesuit pope is blasphemous at every step, “A more staggering blasphemy than to say that God is Satan cannot be imagined!” but if you google "pope Francis phrases" – of course completely ignoring those of two pages back – you meet just “Inspirational Pope Francis Quotes That Will Change You”, up to “117 Best Pope Francis Quotes on Love, Mercy, & Family” and so on.

On the part of the faithful, that's the plain consequence of not realizing how the Cath­o­lic doctrine counterfeits all the true teachings of Jesus – reiterated by the CHRIST him­self in his recent nine LET­TERS, in order to rectify the con­di­tio­ned apos­tles' interpretation, and further wrong readings – projecting over the cen­tu­ries a crucifixion of con­ve­nience, in­du­ced and still supported by priests to mask and re­con­sol­id­ate their authority and total control of souls with indulgences at auc­tion, like the abortion forgiveness by any priest, such as if this could ever emanate by God!
Are you ready to believe such a thing?

Where what is made canonical - no matter if it makes sense - dominates even the Christ presence.
And that's where a mark and a microchip converge.

At this point let's say it would be appropriate, if not necessary, to reach a conclusion that confirms or dissiples the relationships between RFID, Antichrist and number 666.

Confusion overlaps any conclusion

An increasingly uncertain debate, feeded through the Internet, which however is the primary means that could save men keeping them aware – although even this site's content, pointed out in comments to various posts dealing with the topic, continues to be constantly rejected.

Well, all of this does not surprise me; I would indeed be, if this news became viral!
Do people prefer fake news to feed on every day?

All that CHRIST pronounces will take place! HE sees all as already happened…
But the salvation of your being and person is in your hands, or rather, in your thoughts.
Christ explains it very well, if you read carefully His teaching, and become aware of His direct drive, which will not miss; just keep in mind that a single reading will not be enough, that is not simple literature.
These pages too were prepared right to help some people, good people, skillful people to get themself safe, when this “ultimately” will occur.

“We see, hear, speak, but we don't know  
what energy makes us see, hear, speak and think. 
And what's worse, we don't care at all. 
Yet we are that energy. 
This is the apotheosis of human ignorance”

 Albert Einstein 

The Beast must be understood, not ignored, precisely in its ability to disguise itself, to dissimulate its methods and intent, until he/it becomes credible on the one hand and invisible on the other, since its ominous force is based on the deception of not existing. Send others ahead, sacrifice them publicly, their task exhausted.

We could talk for a long time – have we that time? – about information and counter-information, produced to increase disorientation; but by good fortune – at least for some­one – one thing cannot be erased, which is not religion or myth or an erratic belief:
it is what remains untreatable, which can never be challenged or denied:

The Book of Revelation 13:18, a “Number” and one “Name that corresponds to it in the universal en­cod­ing; all was prescribed in an impeccable dic­ta­tion since 2000 years, to trigger itself in the only compatible historical moment, that is into the next few years, when all the parts emerge, to merge and compose in their only possible meaning.
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It's like a CPU around which gravitates what is being prepared to the human history: that's why Christ warned us, foreseeing a technology that not even a hundred years ago would have been conceivable by ourselves.

It no longer matters who more or less officially declares it, nor who entangles it: certainly Obama is not the Anti-Christ: he neither has nor could have the requirements or the pow­ers. Unless we assume to compare his historical rank against the level of Christ's eternal Lead. The same goes for Mr. Bill Gates…

As to the pope, a pontifex shouldn't be enrolled to epitomize God on earth,
but to take charge of the Men's conscience toward the Heaven. So did Jesus,
as the Lord of lords and King of kings [Revelation 17:14]


the RFID argument is now an established historical fact, having more than its indelible roots, and not one of so many fakes! Microchips had already been implanted to thousands of people, including children, and of course inside the Vatican.

The synthesis is straightforward:

Evil entities with a partially superhuman power, rebellious to the Source Of Being (that we name GOD) want to overbear the Creative Con­scious­ness (CHRIST) through the materialism and the flesh abom­in­a­tion, there­­fore they plan to seize the fate of all men, submitting them with the im­po­si­tion of a physiologically implanted equipment, to fully condition free­dom (as also evokes gestures of adoration: right hand, forehead to bow).

Therefore, the very fact that its positioning cannot be officially ascertained, is what should worry us most, since how it was written, there will be a follow-up … then, when you will be forced to make a choice, ensure you're ready.

Just start from one of the first campaigns in progress (markedly in Italy 2020-2021), an open and obvious strategy, which consists in reducing the use of cash more and more drastically. With offers of refunds, rewards and benefits, anyone who wishes to obtain them is induced to always and only use credit cards for their purchases and payments of any type and level.
A very smart move, if not obliged we might already infer, that pays us back with our own money, and it is able to reduce everyone inside the precinct of the first direct control, apparently only external, but one-way like that of a funnel, or to say it better of an irreversible path.

Once established the dependence from this process – which will take the public consciousness only when it will be late (as foreseen in other passages of the manual) – it will become easy to propose one even more integrated and controlled solution, the implantation of the microchip, from which to impose the ultimate submission.

Except to verify that this was explained without any possible doubt and from about seventy years at the pa­ge 14 of the ‘ – Top Secret – In­tro­duc­tory Pro­gram[­m]i­ng Ma­nua­l’
This and so more, as per the manual, was planned and put in place more than half a century ago (1952); even if still today we are only discerning the first trammels, ready to trade everyone's freedom for a few coins in return.
A manual that – verbatim in 1979 “marked the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called 'Quiet War', being conducted using subjective bio­lo­gical warfare, fought with 'silent weapons'”.
It is said that “forewarned is forearmed” i.e. "he who is forewarned is half saved"; but the other 'half' belongs to each subject.

Need more and true help?

Who keeps with Christ, can't go wrong!

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