¶13:16-18 Alexandrina
kai poiei pan­taV touV mikrouV kai touV me­galouV kai touV plousiouV kai touV ptwcouV kai touV e­leuqerouV kai touV doulouV ina dwsin autoiV caragma epi thV ceiroV autwn thV dexiaV h epi to metwpon autwn

kai ina mh tiV dunhtai a­gorasai h pwlhsai ei mh o ecwn to caragma to o­no­ma tou qhriou h ton ariqmon tou o­nomatoV au­tou

wde h so­fia e­stin o ecwn noun yhfisatw ton ariqmon tou qhriou ariqmoV gar anqrwpou e­stin kai o ariqmoV au­tou exakosioi exhkonta ex
13:16 et fa­ciet om­nes pu­sil­los et ma­gnos et divites et pa­uperes et li­be­ros et ser­vos ha­be­re ca­rac­ter in dex­tera manu aut in frontibus suis
13:17 et ne quis pos­sit e­me­re aut ven­de­re nisi qui habet ca­rac­ter no­­men be­stiae aut numerum no­mi­nis eius
13:18 hic sa­pien­tia est qui habet in­tel­lectum conputet numerum be­stiae nu­me­rus enim hominis est et nu­me­rus eius est sescenti se­xa­gin­ta sex
In fact, it should be noted that the headline "VICARIUS FILII DEI" for centuries on the papal tiara, totaled 666, for the Latin letters-numbers I · V · L · C · D – which foreshadows beyond any doubt that the whole ecclesiastical institution is being the antichrist;
but this was not, and couldn't have indicated, that man's name which is precisely and uniquely: BERGOGLIO. This table demonstrates the numerical relevance; the most detailed analysis of the name exclusiveness and pertinence is given here.

“Hic sapientia est” - Here is Wisdom

As the scriptures enunciate, he will have power by gaining respect from the multitudes of believers in Christ, so much as to affect with its nefarious endowment on the destinies of humans, forcing rich and poor precisely with the deception of his quality as Antichrist, to receive irreversibly implanted on the right hand or forehead the mark of the Beast 666 in the form of a microchip, without which no one can buy or sell anything anymore.
A marking so dangerous for life and beyond, to induce Jesus Christ after his crucifixion to linger, in order to prevent such a disaster with two thousand years of notice.

That name, coming forth from the unfailing symbolic equation of the binary calculation, could be revealed at the behest of heaven since May 2014, right after the declarations of the Pontiff who advocated the use of the RFID microchip (tiny Radio Frequency IDen­ti­fi­ca­tion, i.e. a transponder: a radio RECEIVER and transmitter implanted -or injected- into your body) as "not Satanic in any way; if anything a blessing from God Himself".

Of this announcement, reproduced in at least three languages, few traces remain, the pages having been subsequently removed from the related websites reporting it; but they were saved in PDF in time, and remain accessible at the site to which this article refers.

What matters most and which remains in any case is the name of the Beast, whose revealed value matching the number 666 cannot change, be canceled or replaced.

It is also essential to realize since now that although the current formulations for im­ple­ment­ing these control technologies could be developed in various directions, they always depend on the mark 666, no alternatives or competition; indeed distributed in a more or less conspicuous way in as many as possible symbolisms and institutional numbers.

The hidden significance

Where does this 666 come from? what is it? science or superstition?
In short and straight, it remarks right the material plane, whose abominable ego drive on this planet – and not only this – with its lower vibrations is in deceitful rebellion versus the Christ's Creative Consciousness, that is, the enlightening laws ruling the whole existence.
The following is nothing but a quick scheme of the carbon atom, atomic number 6
i.e. the 6th place in the periodic table, with crystal structure Hexagonal,  having:
Number of Electrons (with no charge): 6
Number of Neutrons (standard /stable nuclide): 6
Number of Protons: 6
It deals with the base atomic structure of our el­e­men­tal body on the earth; the pillar of solid and heavy matter. The solid diamond represents it max­i­mal­ly, for the extreme hardness of the el­e­ment atoms arranged in a crystal structure called diamond cu­bic, whose fas­ci­nat­ing impact and per­fec­tion stand out for it's inner but superior pat­tern of 8 [Christ] at­oms, alike full of esoteric sig­ni­fic­ance.

Furthermore, the Earth's gravitational constant is given about G = 6.66 · 10-8 units cgs,
mass of the Earth M = 6 · 1027 g,
Earth's radius R = 6.4108 cm.

Long any Evil entities have taken control and boast this label through power-hungry in­di­vid­u­als whose rule is the most unrestrained self­ish­ness: forced ma­te­ri­al­ism, against the spiritual Reality which is not religion but highest science, as the intelligent eternal plane of being and of the life.
Here's the meaning; all that derives from, is a jum­ble of so­lic­i­ta­tions strained to in­flu­enc­ing the minds unprepared or con­di­tioned by cult.
If you can understand this, you will realize that the beast is inside each of us, feeded by the amount of daily energy that we convey to its in­tent, thanks to the maceration of the ERROR (that's com­mon­ly called ‘EVIL’) in action through our consciousness' Ego drive.
Far to be horrible, this acknowledgement can, fortunately, be the straight way to fight and overcome it ! There is no other way: if life is your vehicle in the present, faith is the chassis, but your conscious willingness must be the motor.
How to do that? it's virtually like when you vote; do you like voting? Do you feel the need? Yet the vote has a unit value, nothing more than a single bit in a mainframe; so ev­ery­man manifests his/her will in a circumscribed ambit.
Now imagine your vote as endowed with your personal energy, permanent and ex­pressed everyday, in each action, as far as possible compared or combined with the will of others. Can you see how enhanced its impact could be? won't you make your world better?
On the other hand, your silence could endorse
such nefarious things.
Well, remember that you are all of this, as is from your creation. Your spirit and thoughts, your vitality and liveliness have this capacity; though you might have forgotten, losing the main of your creative power… that's right what the Beast wants for you.
Rest assured that no God's sittin' back there to clear or for­give your mistakes; no priest or judge can ever absolve you in His name, to make safe that pri­ma­ry LIBERTY – which was granted to you from the be­gin­ning of your be­ing inside the universe – and warrant your hap­piness, dis­mis­sing your liability to the Laws of Existence.
You will always reap what you sow; this is the breath of free will.
The time to wake up through a soul-searching is getting shorter day by day.
If done in time, this will boost your future. After the timeline it will, perhaps, let you just glimpse what will befall – which form it takes, although you may not like – as this was written. Read the actual 9 LETTERS of CHRIST to focus the overall progress.

What's currently going on

Consequently, the need to avoid or cancel the awareness in the people becomes the more pressing, with the maturing of events that are now upsetting the whole human race, not without an underground connection with the indiscriminate control of all races.
This means that, despite an increasingly heated controversy is becoming extremely topical, investing every sector, from politics to health, from vaccination to traceability and to the implicit interests of multinationals, generating and feeding [on purpose too] the greatest confusion, the nature of the project and the roots of its application must be indelibly traced back to those few, skilful lines transmitted to the awareness of men for twenty centuries.

As for the obscure intent, very few will be able to cognize it, until it's too late; given that it is not limited to geo-political control, no matter how vast and immanent, but embroils the spiritual sphere of individuals, and therefore the future otherworldly (else from what the Churches pretend to administer though ), with a force of which the religions would only be the plinth.

The RFID chip it is the tool par excellence designed to seal the subjugation, being de­signed to interact dramatically with the environment as well as the organic functions of the body that hosts it.
But the control of the Beast goes beyond present life, since even financial power is but one ground tool, effective but worthless in other dimensions of which we are part in ev­er­last­ing evolution.
The value of the mark, for those who hire it, is that of a cachet of belonging, at every level of our essence; and it is not necessary to be conscious of that (how much are you aware of your spiritual reality?), just as those who act in a state of hypnosis are not, even under the effect of deferred commands.
You start by bowing your forehead, or even passing your hand over a scanner ...

Taking this into account means the only possible freedom, and wisdom for those who aim to it. Many people are not knowledgeable they will reincarnate many and many times. until needed to evolve; but the Beast knows that very well, and wants esclaves to uphold its ephemeral construct.
Those who do not want to fall prey to its vortex, and undergo a nefarious control in future centuries, do not let themselves be submitted, since getting rid of them will become in­creas­ing­ly painful. It would be somehow like ‘selling your soul to the devil’:
  whatever the re­ward, the price to pay will be even greater.
To free oneself from this 666 fixity, to regain the transparent Grace of Creation, actually and al­ready in itself requires a tormented series of life experiences.

This mark seals a more complex evolutionary problem, which affects the vibrational level in which man is immersed and therefore his DNA; but simple and plain concepts are appropriate to be able to face it, contrary to the widespread habit of making complicated everything that is not known enough.
Being fully aware of such a jeopardy, this documentation was long prepared and pub­lished, in order to aid the understanding of the wide actual motions that are at the gate.
The call has been given for two millennia and who's writing was made ready to fulfill it.

Thence, even Twitter is occluding, today after 6 years,
this historical legitimate response to the “Apocalypse”

Could it escape? This way Twitter remains involved, having suspended the account which – after the first eloquent warning, certified since May 2014 – more than any other de­vel­oped and spread this information through a permanent folder, or more properly one Twitter 'Moment' entitled 'The Time Line'.

You can see in this 2016 recording how Twitter worked, hosting and serving its subscribers in a time of greater civilization, now replaced by a chain of prohibitions that prevent even saving one's communication and sharing work.
Look here all the tweets of @Astro_Time from 2012 to 2016, in turn now suspended with a retroactive 'decree'; as if those who are silenced for any reason in 2020 never had the right to say, or have said anything: beware, this is the ethics of control, although passed off as social.
At the end of May 2014 you can see the first two announcements Revealing the Pope's occult identity; but still too bland to worry anyone, as the more current and empowered Moment will do.

Conceived by Twitter for this purpose, the 'Moment' allowed beyond the swift flow of tweets, immediate access to such reports and other not less serious sequels.
The pretext of the suspension, no longer discussed or confirmed after a first formal request (still open but archived), is the generic one of violation of some Twitter rule;  but it is not so.

INSERTION August 24, 2021
Since all of this is suddenly becoming all too actual by the SARS-CoV-2 deception,

an extended report is due, in order to focus how and how much the breath of the beast is penetrating the masses, insinuating itself directly into human cells in order to exert the most complete and lethal control through electromagnetic carriers, recombinant nanoparticles self-assembled into biocircuits…

Here is widely deployed and documented what Twitter is subtracting from the sight and judgment of the people, almost the worst, being perpetrated behind the scenes of the Vatican and beyond.

Prescribed for 2000 years by the voice of Christ,
for the protection of all of us, Twitter included.

Published at www.academia.edu – June, 30 2020 © The Watch Publisher

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