* this birth chart of the Moment is superimposed to a screenshot of my Twitter page, empty as is now.
This ‘Time Line’ project, certainly inspired but only later for more, is of no inference on the reckoning of the name~number 666, which is not based on Astrology.

Yet, repeated heavy warnings
against astrology fol­lowed
from the pulpit in the
next June and August

They didn't understand, or didn't want people realize
that the real message was in the first tweet
issued on May 30, 2014 18:00 UTC, as
clearly unfolded in this own domain:
click on twice to view the full code
with the DOS immediate result.
They tried to bury us.
They didn't know we were seeds.
  –  Mexican Proverb
 add-on July 2023
It should be noted that thereafter, ever-increasing crisis conditions have marked a well-known decline of Twitter, both logistical and administrative, leading the owner and CTO to replace its prestigious blue chirping logo
with an X, black or on a black background.

Whatever plan he puts on this, such a rebranding a social like Twitter was - despite keeping the same name - means fatally putting a cross over it.