The concealment is complete.

Not 'cause of the objection in the above tweet concerning Religions: it was a polite talk over, yet abundantly reviewed.
Twitter must have suspended this account – seriously operational since 2012, with over 5k tidy followers and thousands of quality tweets dedicated to research, technical forecast pro­ved reliable, and to society, with no real abuse or netiquette in­fringe­ment [check here some Sept. 2017 last saved activities (4.8Mb), and here some more up to Dec. 2016 (34Mb)] – but for more sig­nif­i­cant reasons.
Whatever they are, let me just highlight some important effects, dealing with
the actual NAME of the ANTICHRIST, as introduced in the «Book of Revelation»
The cover astrological chart, no more visible now as in the above frame, curiously re­mar­ked the date digits of when the Tw_Moment “The Time Line” was conceived and set up.

In the abstract, it looked like a good way for AstroTime to render the matching of a ‘Time’ and of a ‘Moment’; but it brought no luck.

However, since its first tweet, this capital message was not bas­ed on any astrological forecast, but on a quite special algorithm, pro­per to compute the name as 666 in a binary mode!. The code is well exposed in tweet with its result.

The algorithm, expressing the numerical computation of the name according to the uni­ver­sal binary system [ASCII encoding] - unknown to John but not to Christ, and to my­self that I'm here - was not given the proper attention and un­der­stand­ing of the data, due to the contained size of a tweet binding so much information; what prob­a­bly could have given rise to the former grie­v­an­ces, that caused actions against AstroTime (the dif­fer­ent pre-existing account as I mentioned) ex­chan­ged with Astro_Time by tho­se who submitted a critical reporting. As this domain explains in detail, the name's computation is based on the same encoding used for the RFID chip build up and func­tion, subjecting whoever ‘hath’ this brand to the leash of the Beast, from now to an un­de­fined time or number of lives (reincarnations). I had better to use this as a cover:

“13:18 hic sa­pien­tia est qui habet in­tel­lectum conputet numerum be­stiae nu­me­rus enim hominis est et nu­me­rus eius est sescenti se­xa­gin­ta sex”

 Yes, if Twitter agrees! So please, watch here what this violation is primarily obscuring: over the screenshots put in the background, click the red text shady comments to view other parts and explore the media articles referred by the links.