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Revealed the meaning of the Beast 666 and his
worldly name as by the Apocalypsis [13:16-18]

Verses 13: 16-18 of the Apocalypse have for two thousand years foretold through the dictation of Jesus Christ to John what would have been the intention and the number 666 of the Beast, inviting who will have the intellect to calculate his name, as of the human person that will equate that number.

Since the only formula that can enclose that "man number" is his name on earth, many inferences have been advanced (and they still are!), and more than one language explored down to the roots, in order to discover or -improperly- recreate its key.

If this message has been a challenge for centuries, for all those who have tried to uncover the arcane – without taking into account the fact that this individual had to [still] be born, to present himself to the world in a certain time and period – with the Web expansion it has turned to a merry-go-round of un­mean­ing hypothesis, although at face value mostly cultured and evocative.

In fact, to decipher this mystery, strictly connected to advanced technology and information technology since its first carrying out – from the BAR code to the RFID, perfectly outlined for its purposes in the Book of Revelation – only one al­pha­bet was intended to apply: that of the ASCII binary code, composed of 0 and 1, capable of giving voice to computers of all levels, unknown and unthinkable to John but not to the Christ.

The “Six hundred Threescore and Six” (one score is twenty) is the number 666 whose digits – besides standing for the struc­ture of the carbon atom – define the begin, the end and the two sections of the bar code to be scanned (starting from linear or one-dimensional ty­polo­gies), recall not only the same three longest bars of the code, independent from any product number of variable length, but even the function of con­­ta­in­ment of the two sentry bars, the first and the last one on the code, where the term ‘Threescore’ distinguishes the internal one that splits it.
Furthermore, the word “charagma” (translated ‘mark’) from the Greek root­-word charax, adopted by John rather than “stigma”, evokes the concept of 'stakes', that is to say of delimiters by 'vertical lines'.

It was needful to think of an encoding language capable of managing billions of subjects individually, from the transactions to the persons who execute them, what certainly could not be carried out from the Latin alphabet, nor by the Gema­tria or the Hebrew alphabet which is not necessarily connected with that name! Jewish, English and Simple Gema­tria – not case sensitive – in its more fitting format reaches the plain numerical result of 90; but as explained in my detailed analysis, being devoid of the binary base [2^6 = 64] it misses the mark, failing the target !

That time has come and at the appointed hour the key has emerged, revealing in its disarming simplicity that name of man, capable of overshadowing the Light of Christ, under the banner of being his Vicar.

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